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Common Phrases From Croatian to Bulgarian

Hvala vamБлагодаря ти
MolimМоля те
Kako si?Как си?
Ispričajte meИзвинете ме
ne znamНе знам
mislim da daтака мисля
Može bitiМоже би
Vidimo se kasnijeДо скоро
Čuvaj seПази се
Što ima?Какво става?
Nema vezeНяма значение
NaravnoРазбира се
IdemoДа тръгваме

Interesting information about Croatian Language

Croatian is a special kind of talking and writing that people use in a country called Croatia, which is next to the pretty blue sea in a place called Europe. People also use Croatian in some other places close to Croatia. When you talk in Croatian, it sounds a bit musical and has its own fun alphabet with some letters that look a bit like little drawings with lines and circles. Croatian has tricky rules for playing with words, and you can make lots of different word shapes, kind of like building blocks. Lots of old stories, songs, and books are written in Croatian, and it's part of what makes the people from Croatia feel like one big family.

Know About Bulgarian Language

Bulgarian is a special kind of talking and writing that comes from a country called Bulgaria. Just like you have your own way to talk with your friends, people in Bulgaria have their own way, too. They use different words and sounds that might seem strange if we hear them, because it's not the way we talk every day. Bulgarian uses an alphabet with letters that look a bit like the ones we know, but also has some that are different and special. People who grow up in Bulgaria learn this language from the time they are babies, and they use it to say "hello," "goodbye," tell stories, buy things from the store, and do everything else with words. It's like when you learn to say words for the first time, but in Bulgarian, there are different words for everything!

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