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Common Phrases From Turkish to Belarusian

Teşekkür ederimДзякуй
LütfenКалі ласка
Merhabaдобры дзень
Güle güleДа пабачэння
Nasılsın?Як ты?
Bilmiyorumне ведаю
AnladımЯ разумею
Bence deЯ так думаю
Sonra görüşürüzДа пабачэння
Dikkatli olБеражыце сябе
Naber?Як справы?
Boş verНе бяда
DerhalАдразу ж
Hadi gidelimПойдзем

Interesting information about Turkish Language

Turkish is a way of talking or writing that many people use in a country called Turkey. Just like you might speak English or Spanish at home, people in Turkey speak Turkish. Turkish sounds different from English because it has some special letters and sounds that are not in English. The people who speak Turkish can also write it down using an alphabet, which is a set of letters. This alphabet has 29 letters. When you want to say "hello" in Turkish, you say "Merhaba!" Turkish is a fun language because some words are very long and you can put parts together like building blocks to make new words. Turkish is just one of the many ways people around the world talk to each other.

Know About Belarusian Language

Belarusian is a special kind of talking and writing that people use in a country called Belarus. It's like when you and your friends have a special way of talking to each other, but for lots of people. This language has its own sounds and letters that might look a little different from what you're used to. Some words might sound like Russian, because they are a bit like family to each other. People in Belarus can say "hello," tell stories, buy things at the store, and do everything else using Belarusian. It helps them share their ideas and feelings with each other. Just like you use words to tell your friends what you're thinking, people in Belarus use Belarusian to share their thoughts and feelings with the world.

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