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Common Phrases From Sorani to Mongolian

سڵاوСайн уу
چۆنی?Юу байна?
نازانمБи мэдэхгүй
من تێدەگەمБи ойлгож байна
منیش بڕوام وایەБи тэгж бодож байна
دواتر دەتبینمەوەДараа уулзацгаая
ئاگاداری خۆت بەСанаа тавих
چی هەیە?Юу байна даа?
گوێ مەدێМартдаа
بێگومانМэдээжийн хэрэг
با بروین با بچینЯвцгаая

Interesting information about Sorani Language

Sorani is a special way of talking and writing that lots of people in a part of the world called Kurdistan use. Kurdistan isn't a country you can find on most maps, but it's an area where many Kurdish people live, and they spread across several countries like Iraq, Iran, Turkey, and Syria. Sorani is really important for these Kurdish people because it helps them share their ideas, stories, and feelings with each other. It's like how you might use English or another language to talk to your friends and family. Sorani has its own set of squiggles, dots, and lines that make up its alphabet, which is different from the letters you might see in English. Those who speak Sorani have been using it for a very long time, and it's a big part of their culture and identity. They write books, make movies, teach in schools, and do lots of other cool stuff in Sorani. It helps them keep their culture strong and alive, even though they don't all live in the same place.

Know About Mongolian Language

Mongolian is a special kind of talking and writing that people use in a country called Mongolia. Imagine if every person had their own secret code for sending messages to their friends. Well, Mongolian is the secret code for the people in Mongolia, but it's not a secret anymore because lots of people know it. When they talk, it sounds different from English because they use different sounds. When they write, it looks like a bunch of fancy lines and circles that are really pretty. Some Mongolian writing looks like it's standing up instead of lying down like in English. It's like when you draw stick figures standing up, not sleeping. And just like you learn your ABCs, Mongolian kids learn their own special letters. This way, they can read books, write stories, and tell each other about their day, all in the Mongolian language!

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