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Common Phrases From Shona to Arabic

Ndatendaشكرًا لك
Ndapotaلو سمحت
Ndine huromboآسف
Sara musheمع السلامة
Makadii?كيف حالك؟
Handiziveلا أعرف
Ndofunga kudaroأعتقد ذلك
Ndichakuwona gare gareأراك لاحقًا
Chii chiri kuita?ما أخبارك؟
Chiregedzaلا تهتم
Ehe saizvozvoبالطبع
Handeyiدعنا نذهب

Interesting information about Shona Language

Shona is a language that many people speak in a country called Zimbabwe, in Africa. It's like when you talk with your friends in your language; in Zimbabwe, many people use Shona to say hello, ask for food, play games, and tell stories. Just like English has its ABCs, Shona has its own letters that sound different. Imagine learning a whole new way to say things—that's what speaking Shona is like if you've never heard it before. Children in Zimbabwe often grow up hearing and speaking Shona, so for them, it's easy to talk, laugh, and sing in this special language. It's kind of like a secret code that everyone in Zimbabwe knows, and it keeps them close like a big family.

Know About Arabic Language

Arabic is a very special language that many people speak in many different countries, mostly in a place called the Middle East. It's a really old language with a long history. When people write Arabic, the letters look kind of curly and they are joined together like a beautiful string. And guess what? They write from the right side of the page to the left, the opposite way that English is written. The Arabic language is also the language of the Quran, which is a very important book for Muslims. Arabic words are full of sounds that can be like music to your ears, and it has many words that can say big ideas in just one little word! It's like a secret code that millions of people can speak and understand.

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