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Common Phrases From Serbian to Portuguese

Хвала вамObrigado
Молимо васPor favor
Извињавам сеDesculpe
Како си?Como vai você?
ИзвинитеCom licença
Не знамNão sei
разумемEu entendo
Мислим да је такоEu penso que sim
Видимо се каснијеAté mais
Брини сеTomar cuidado
Шта има?E aí?
Нема везеDeixa para lá
ОдмахAgora mesmo

Interesting information about Serbian Language

Serbian is a language that people speak mainly in Serbia, but also in some other places. It is a lot like languages called Croatian and Bosnian. Serbian can be written in two different ways: one way uses letters like ABC, which is called the Latin alphabet; the other way uses special letters called Cyrillic, which look different and are used mostly in Serbia and Russia. People who speak Serbian can understand each other no matter which letters they use. Serbian has many words that sound like music because the way you say a word can go up and down, just like a song. Lots of people in Serbia and around the world use this language to talk to each other, tell stories, and sing songs.

Know About Portuguese Language

Portuguese is a way of talking and writing that many people use to share their thoughts and feelings with each other. Imagine it like a special code that lots of people know, and if you learn it, you can talk to all of them! It's like English, but it sounds a bit different and has other words for things. People mostly speak Portuguese in a big country called Brazil, which is in South America, and also in a smaller place called Portugal, which is near Spain in Europe. Some people in Africa and Asia speak it too because a long time ago, people from Portugal went on boats to those places. What's cool is that even though people in all these places use Portuguese, they sometimes sound a bit different, just like how people from different parts of your country might sound different too!

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