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Common Phrases From Nepali to Russian

माफ गर्नुहोस्Извини
अलविदाДо свидания
तिमीलाई कस्तो छ?Как вы?
मलाईं माफ गर्नुहोस्Прошу прощения
मलाई थाहा छैनЯ не знаю
म बुझ्दछुЯ понимаю
मलाई त्यस्तै लाग्छя так думаю
हुनसक्छМожет быть
पछि भेटौँलाУвидимся позже
ख्याल गर्नु होलाЗаботиться
के छ?Как дела?
चिन्ता नलिऊँНеважно
अवश्य पनिКонечно
अहिले नैСразу

Interesting information about Nepali Language

Nepali is a special language spoken by people in a country called Nepal which is tucked away in the mountains between India and China. It's like the music of their voices, full of different sounds and tunes which they use to talk to each other, tell stories, and share their feelings. This language has its own set of squiggly lines and shapes that they write down in books, on signs, and even on their computers and phones. People in Nepal love to speak in Nepali because it's a part of who they are, just like their colorful festivals and yummy food. Even some people in parts of India and Bhutan speak Nepali too, which makes it a special bridge that connects the hearts of many people living near the big mountains. Just think about it as a secret code they all understand and that holds them together like a family. It's not just the words, but the way they say them that makes Nepali so beautiful and unique.

Know About Russian Language

Russian is a language that people speak in the country called Russia and in some other places around the world. Imagine all the different ways we can talk and say words; Russian is one of those special ways. It has its own sounds, and some of its letters look different from the ones we use in English. It's like a secret code, but not really a secret because lots of people know it. Think of the Russian language as a big toy box filled with different letters and words that people use to share their ideas, tell stories, and talk to each other. It's kind of cool because when you learn Russian, it's like learning how to solve a puzzle that lets you understand and talk to more people!

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