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Common Phrases From Marathi to Estonian

तू कसा आहेस?Kuidas sul läheb?
मला माफ कराVabandage mind
मला माहीत नाहीma ei tea
मला समजतेma saan aru
मला असे वाटतेma arvan küll
कदाचितVõib olla
पुन्हा भेटूNäeme hiljem
काळजी घ्याOle tubli
काय चालू आहे?Mis toimub?
हरकत नाहीÄra pane tähele
चल जाऊयाLähme

Interesting information about Marathi Language

Marathi is a special kind of talking and writing used by many people in the western part of India, especially in the state called Maharashtra. It's like when you and your friends have your own way of saying things; that's what Marathi is for the people living there. Just like in a game where you need to know the rules to play, to use Marathi, you need to know its rules, which are its grammar and words. People learn it when they are little kids, just like you learned to speak. Marathi is very old, and lots of stories, poems, and even movies are made using this language. It sounds pretty and musical, and when people speak Marathi, it's like they're sharing a part of their home with you.

Know About Estonian Language

Estonian is a special language that people speak in Estonia, a small country next to the sea in Europe. It's a bit like a secret code because not many people in the world know how to speak it. Estonian sounds different from other languages like English or Spanish, and it has its own rules for how to put words together. The letters in Estonian sometimes have extra lines or dots, which change how they sound. Also, in Estonian, you can make really long words by sticking together smaller words, like building a tower with blocks. It's a very old language but still full of fun sounds and ways to talk about all kinds of things, from tasty foods to playing games!

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