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Common Phrases From Maltese to Pashto

Grazziله تاسو مننه
Jekk jogħġbokمهرباني
Adieuپه مخه مو ښه
Kif int?تاسو څنګه یئ؟
Skużaniبخښنه غواړم
ma nafxزه نه پوهیږم
fhimtزه پوهیږم
nahsebزه همداسې فکر کوم
Jista 'jkunامکان لری
Narak iktar tardوروسته به سره ګورو
Ħu ħsiebپاملرنه
X'għandna?څه خبره ده؟
Tagħtix kasپه اړه یې فکر مه کوه
Tlaqnaمخکې شه

Interesting information about Maltese Language

Okay, so Maltese is a special kind of language that is spoken by people who live in a country called Malta. Malta is a small group of islands in the middle of the sea near a place called Italy and another place called Africa. The Maltese language is really interesting because it's like a mix of different languages. It has words that sound like Italian, and some words are like the ones people speak in Arabic countries. But even with those bits from other languages, Maltese is its very own thing, with its own rules and sounds. The people in Malta use this language to talk to each other, to teach in schools, to write books and newspapers, and to say important things on TV or radio. It's pretty cool because it's the only language of its kind in the whole world, and it shows how people from Malta have their special way of sharing ideas and stories with one another.

Know About Pashto Language

Pashto is a special language that many people speak, especially in a place called Afghanistan and also in Pakistan. Just like you and your friends might have a secret way to talk to each other, Pashto is the secret code for millions of friends who live in those countries. It's a very old language, kind of like a great-grandpa, because it's been around for hundreds of years. When people speak Pashto, they make sounds that might be different from English, using their mouth, tongue, and voice in cool ways. Pashto is written down using its own set of squiggly lines that are like secret symbols for different letters. Just like how you learn ABCs in English, kids in Afghanistan and Pakistan learn their own Pashto ABCs to read and write. Isn't it fun to think about all the different ways people have their own special codes to talk to each other?

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