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Common Phrases From Krio to Sorani

Aw di bɔdi?چۆنی?
Sɔri yaببوورە
A nɔ noنازانم
a ɔndastandمن تێدەگەم
A tink se na so i biمنیش بڕوام وایە
Si bakدواتر دەتبینمەوە
Tek kiaئاگاداری خۆت بە
Wetin na di nyus?چی هەیە?
I nɔ impɔtantگوێ مەدێ
Na truبێگومان
Wantɛm wantɛmیەکسەر
Mek wi goبا بروین با بچین

Interesting information about Krio Language

Krio is a special language that many people speak in Sierra Leone, which is a country in Africa. It's like a mix of English and lots of other African languages. Long ago, when English people came to Africa, they brought their language with them. Then the African people added their own words and ways of talking to it. That's how Krio was born! It's the way friends and families talk to each other every day in Sierra Leone. Even though it has English parts, it sounds very different, and not all English speakers can understand it. Krio helps all the different people in Sierra Leone understand each other because they have many different languages there. So, Krio is like a bridge that brings people together.

Know About Sorani Language

Sorani is a special way of talking and writing that lots of people in a part of the world called Kurdistan use. Kurdistan isn't a country you can find on most maps, but it's an area where many Kurdish people live, and they spread across several countries like Iraq, Iran, Turkey, and Syria. Sorani is really important for these Kurdish people because it helps them share their ideas, stories, and feelings with each other. It's like how you might use English or another language to talk to your friends and family. Sorani has its own set of squiggles, dots, and lines that make up its alphabet, which is different from the letters you might see in English. Those who speak Sorani have been using it for a very long time, and it's a big part of their culture and identity. They write books, make movies, teach in schools, and do lots of other cool stuff in Sorani. It helps them keep their culture strong and alive, even though they don't all live in the same place.

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