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Common Phrases From Haitian Creole to Lao

Haitian CreoleLao
Koman ou ye?ສະ​ບາຍ​ດີ​ບໍ?
Eskize mຂໍ​ອະ​ໄພ
M pa konnenຂ້ອຍ​ບໍ່​ຮູ້
Mwen konprannຂ້ອຍ​ເຂົ້າ​ໃຈ
mwen panse saຂ້າພະເຈົ້າຄິດວ່າ
Na wè pitaແລ້ວພົບກັນໃນພາຍຫຼັງ
Pran swenເບິ່ງ​ແຍງ
Sak genyen?ແມ່ນຫຍັງ?
Pa janm bliyeບໍ່​ເປັນ​ຫຍັງ
Ann aleໄປ​ກັນ​ເລີຍ

Interesting information about Haitian Creole Language

Haitian Creole is a very special language that is spoken by many people in Haiti. It's a mix of French and some African languages, along with a little bit of Spanish and some native words from the people who first lived on the island. Imagine taking pieces from different puzzles and putting them together to make a brand new picture—that's kind of like how Haitian Creole was made! Even though it is based on French, it's changed a lot, and now it's its very own language. Boys and girls in Haiti grow up speaking Haitian Creole every day at home, at school, and when they play with their friends. It's a very important part of who they are and how they share their feelings, thoughts, and stories with each other.

Know About Lao Language

Lao is a special type of talking and writing that people use in a country called Laos, which is in a part of the world named Southeast Asia. It's just like how some people talk in English or Spanish, but Lao sounds very different and has its own alphabet. The letters in Lao look pretty and curly, not like the letters you see in English. People in Laos learn to speak and write in Lao when they are kids, just like you might learn to read and write in your language at school. Lao is very important to the people of Laos because it helps them to talk to each other, share their ideas, and tell stories about their lives and their country's history. Just imagine meeting new friends who speak Lao, you might not understand them at first, but their way of speaking is just another neat way people say "hello" and "how are you?" in their part of the world!

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