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Common Phrases From Gujarati to English

આભારThank you
મહેરબાની કરીનેPlease
માફ કરશોSorry
તમે કેમ છો?How are you?
માફ કરશોExcuse me
મને ખબર નથીI don't know
હુ સમજયોI understand
મને લાગે છેI think so
પછી મળીશુંSee you later
કાળજી રાખજોTake care
શું ચાલી રહ્યું છે?What's up?
કંઈ વાંધો નહીંNever mind
અલબત્તOf course
તરત જRight away
ચાલો જઇએLet's go

Interesting information about Gujarati Language

Gujarati is a language that people speak in a part of India called Gujarat. It's like how some people speak English or Spanish, but in Gujarat, lots of people talk to each other in Gujarati. Just like when you say "hello" in English, people who speak Gujarati say "kem cho" to ask someone how they are. This language sounds pretty and has its very own letters that look different from the ones we use in English. These letters come from a special alphabet for writing Gujarati words. People also write books, tell stories, and sing songs in Gujarati. It's a special way for them to share their ideas and feelings with each other. Lots of people all over the world know how to speak and understand Gujarati, not just in India!

Know About English Language

English is a language that lots of people around the world speak and write. It sounds like what you hear most characters say in American movies or what you read in a book from England. Some people say "hello" and "thank you" in English, and these words are like little keys that open up conversations. English started in a place called England a long, long time ago, but now people in many countries use it to talk to each other, even in countries like Australia, Canada, and the United States. People learn English at school, and it's like a bridge that lets them make friends with others and share their stories, even if they come from very different places!

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