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Common Phrases From Guarani to Romanian

MínaVă rog
chediskulpaÎmi pare rău
Mba'éichapaBuna ziua
Jajoecha peveLa revedere
Mba'éichapa reime?Ce mai faci?
NdaikuaáiNu știu
aikũmbyAm înțeles
Che apensa upéichaAșa cred
Ikatu mba'ePot fi
Jajoecha peveNe vedem mai târziu
EjesarekókeAi grijă
Mba'e oiko?Care-i treaba?
Marãve ndoikóiNu face nimic
Upepete voiImediat
Jaha jahaSă mergem

Interesting information about Guarani Language

Guarani is a special language that is spoken by many people in a place called Paraguay and also by some people in other areas nearby. It's not just a language people speak at home with their families, but it's also an official language of Paraguay, which means it's super important and is used in the government and in schools. Guarani has been around for a very long time and is a big part of the culture of the people who live there. It has its own sounds and words that are different from other languages. Lots of people who speak Guarani are really proud of it because it's a big part of who they are.

Know About Romanian Language

Sure! So, Romanian is a special way of talking and writing that lots of people use in a country called Romania and in another place called Moldova. It's like when you have your own secret club with your friends and you have a code that only you and your friends understand. Well, Romanian is like that, but not a secret, and it's not just for a few people; millions of people know this language. It's a lot like languages that are used in Italy, Spain, France, and Portugal. That's because they are all part of the same language family, like cousins! Imagine if you could talk to your toys and each of them answered in their own special way, but they all kind of sounded the same—that's what it's like with Romanian and its cousin languages. They all use the ABCs, but they have some extra letters too, with little marks above or below them that tell you how to say the sounds in a Romanian way. It's like a normal ABC, but with a few fun twists!

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