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Common Phrases From Dogri to Kazakh

थुआढ़ा धन्नवादРақмет сізге
किरपा करियैӨтінемін
माफ करोКешіріңіз
नमस्कारСәлеметсіз бе
अलविदाСау болыңыз
थुआढ़ा केह् हाल ऐ?Қалдарыңыз қалай?
मिगी माफ करेओКешіріңіз
मिगी नेईं पताМен білмеймін
में समझनांМен түссіндім
मैं ऐसा सोचदा हांМен солай деп ойлаймын
होई सकदा ऐМүмкін
बाद च मिलने आंКейінірек кездесеміз
ध्यान रक्खेओӨз-өзіңді күт
केह् हाल ऐ?Не хабар?
कोई गल्ल नेईंОқасы жоқ
तुरंत हीЛезде
चलो चलोБарайық

Interesting information about Dogri Language

Dogri is a special way for people to talk to each other that is mostly used by people living in a part of India called Jammu and Kashmir. It's like when you have your own secret language with your friends, but this one is spoken by lots of people. Just like you like to tell stories, sing songs, and play games in your own language, people in Jammu and Kashmir do the same in Dogri. They use it to share their thoughts, feelings, and everyday talk. It sounds different from languages like English or Spanish because it has its own special words and sounds. Imagine you and your friends deciding to make up new words for everything you see; that's sort of what different languages are like. Dogri is a special part of their culture, and it helps them keep their traditions and stories alive. It's like their very own way of wrapping up all the things that make them who they are in a bundle of words that they can share with each other.

Know About Kazakh Language

Kazakh is a special way people talk to each other in a big place called Kazakhstan. Just like you have your own way to talk with your friends and family, people in Kazakhstan use Kazakh to say "hello," "how are you," and lots of other things. It's written with its own special letters, which might look like a secret code to someone who hasn't learned it. Kids in Kazakhstan learn Kazakh just like you learn to read and write in your language. And even though Kazakh is mostly used in Kazakhstan, there are some people in other countries who know it too! It's like a magic key that lets them share stories, ideas, and have fun with each other.

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