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Common Phrases From Chichewa to Czech

Muli bwanji?Jak se máte?
ndikuganiza chonchoMyslím, že ano
Tiwonana nthawi yinaUvidíme se později
SamaliraOpatruj se
Kwagwanji?Co se děje?
Nthawi yomweyoRovnou
Tiyeni tizipitaPojďme

Interesting information about Chichewa Language

Chichewa is a kind of talking and writing that many people use in a place called Malawi, which is a country in Africa. It's like how some people talk in English or Spanish, but Chichewa is special for the people in Malawi and some nearby places. Just like you and your friends have your own way of talking and sharing secrets, that's how the people in Malawi feel about Chichewa. It sounds beautiful to their ears and helps them tell stories, ask for things they need, and say "hello" or "I love you" to each other. It's not just in Malawi; some people also use Chichewa in countries next door, like Zambia and Zimbabwe. So, it's a pretty important way of talking for lots of folks over there!

Know About Czech Language

Czech is a special kind of talking and writing that people use in a country called the Czech Republic. It's like how we speak English at home or how some of our friends might speak Spanish or French. The Czech language has its own sounds and words that are different from ours. For example, when Czech people say "hello," they say "Ahoj!" When they count, the number "one" is "jedna." They have letters that look funny too, like with little hats on them, called accents. These accents help to tell how to say the words. Kids in the Czech Republic learn how to talk in Czech when they're really little, just like we learn English. It's a special language that only people from that part of the world use every day.

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